This time,
I marched within,
I was not sure of my seeking;
I kept telling 
“In time, I will know”,
And it kept me going. 
Lost in the mad scrambling,
For success, glory and victory,
“I will be the greatest”
at-least, that is what I thought,
Sought to win every battle,
Nothing but winning mattered,
Until my journey “within”.
Suddenly, a voice echoed,
“Seek not victory nor defeat,
Walk a path of your own unbecoming”
Long after the voice faded,
Its message was loud and clear.
Seek nothing but knowledge,
For no titles and medals endure,
Victory and defeat are labels,
Learn to walk beyond these,
Learn to wait and endure.
In your endurance and waiting,
You shall unbecome.
In your unbecoming, 
You shall become again. 


Published by tattwamasiamrutam

Tat Tvam Asi

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