Getting coffee with a bunch of friends everyday is a simple act of day to day mundane life. Or, is it? Perhaps, not so simple in a world driven by prior appointments.

I have always wondered about the bonds of friendship; something which thrives on time and perseverance and more importantly, is supported on the premises of ‘possibilities’ rather than the usual gloomy uncertain endings. The bond evolves through the process of becoming and unbecoming, much like the Universe around us. And, you grow along with it.

But, time is a flowing river; you are never at the same place twice. Autumn is necessary for the spring to come in its full bloom. The river must continue in its journey to find the eternal ocean. There is no other way. We must be relentless in our pursuit; irrespective of where it takes us. ‘To go back is impossible in existence’. Kahlil Gibran’s words still remain true.

As we rise through the ranks, places change. You try and find the same. After some time, you realize that it is never going to be the same. It dawns upon you then that getting coffee with a group of friends everyday was an ordinary day to day ritual and there in lay its extraordinariness.

The world goes on. The river finds itself in the eternal ocean. But, on a winter evening, a cold breeze will bring some dry leaves to you and along with it, a flood of memories. Cherish them for you are privileged to have them. They are yours to keep.

As for the ‘friendship’, its legacy lies in its endurance.

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