Deathless Courage

Didn’t have the slightest desire,
No promises made,
it stood stubborn on my path,
At that moment,
death seemed to have eclipsed life.

Quietus is momentary,
only a split second of its command.
A lifetime echoes in eternity.
I lived to my heart’s fullness,
Whither shall I from within,
I do not fear the plunge,
when I am ordained to return.

O lifeless death!
Now that you are here,
don’t come in the shadows of empty moonless nights,
stare me in the eye,
and let’s have a last duel.

Every cumber-spirited,
even with flickered hopes,
challenged unsurmountable mountains.
The gale may daze the vessel,
the courage within is enduring,
let’s see who wins this fight.

It is an humble attempt at translating a poem by late Shri. Atal Vihari Vajpayee ji. The poem was originally rendered in Hindi.

Published by tattwamasiamrutam

Tat Tvam Asi

2 thoughts on “Deathless Courage

  1. I didn’t see notification for this new post in my inbox till today. -It’s BRILLIANTLY written, and while I haven’t the faintest understanding of Hindi. I have an excellent understanding of English and the construction of English prose. So please receive these words in earnest when I say that poem stirred me to my core! Very well done, and thank you for being a conduit for such evocative thought-forms -for which our words are often insufficient substitutes. In this case, I feel this poet clasped something glorious and managed a transformation which you concatenated with an equally glorious linguistic homomorphism 🙂

    -Truly beautifully. I am blessed to have read and, in the mind, heard these words.

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