The Voice Renewed

The voice is weary,
afraid of the truth
As the veils rescind,
I stand forlorn;
Bled open by my own.
Surrounded by the world;
Yet, I run into desolation
In the moments of freedom,
I am chained by bondage tirelessly.
The voice is weary;
there shall be no song tonight.
Among the ruinous stars,
I hear the cauldron of a new dawn.
From the crack of ores,
has sprouted an incipient bud.
The gloom has shaken,
its power waning.
As the red sun towers in the orient,
A hymn is rendered to roar.
Who can shoulder
the agony of shattered dreams?
Despair surges from the heart;
Myriad drops moisten the eyes,
yet the resolve unimpaired.
I shall not concede defeat.
I forge new paths,
obliterating and recasting the creases
stained by the divine decree;
A hymn is rendered to roar.
A hymn is rendered to roar.

The poem was originally conceived by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and a rendering in his own voice is available here. In the first stanza, the poet is reluctant to write, perhaps affected by the circumstances around. But times change; the poet’s mindset has grown as well. In the subsequent stanzas, the poet has renewed hope and he sings a new song. With all humility, I have tried to capture the spirit of the original poem.

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