What is Triumph?

To triumph? What does it mean?

We always have heard stories about the victorious. Not to say that they are not necessary. But how does one measure such a thing? It cannot merely be just being on the right side of the outcome?

Somewhere around 1800, Ludwig Van Beethoven started to lose his hearing capabilities. A sensory faculty loss is a life-altering event for anyone, more so for someone in his profession. His letters suggest he felt terribly alone, ‘like someone who has been banished.’

The hand fate deals with us is a matter of chance. What we do with it is different and is entirely in our hands. To choose to fight is a matter of our ‘own’ to command.

As 1800 makes way for more significant numbers, Beethoven’s aural faculty slumps further. One doesn’t wake up one morning and touch the laurels of greatness; however we define it to be. We rise to it by embracing the adversities. Even flowers bloom in the wilderness, but Oaks seldom emerge in gardens. “I will take Fate by the throat; it will never bend me completely to its will,” Beethoven wrote.

To triumph? What does it mean? It means defiance in the face of seemingly insurmountable impediments; to scourge the eternal ether for refuge; to assuage the yearnings with travail; to persist, strive, and endure, only to sieve the nectar of Life.

Ludwig Van Beethoven composed his sixth, seventh, eighth, and Ninth symphonies by relying only on memory rather than sensory input. He couldn’t hear after all.

What is triumph? Unyielding mettle.

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One thought on “What is Triumph?

  1. Overcoming challenges and persevering in the face of difficulty is something which is a shared trait of all great men. Your message through Beethoven’s deep despair which served as a stone fuel his passion to live and leave a legacy to be remembered is something everyone can resonate with. It is a post to read, reflect and engage !

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