I work in the intersection between group dynamics and operator algebras. Most of my PhD work was devoted to understanding the structure of the crossed product structure. Following are the research articles which have either been published or are about to be. All of them are available in the Arxiv, links have been provided. 


  1. Subalgebras, subgroups, and singularity., preprint (arxiv:2208.06019); (Joint with Yair Hartman).


  1. On invariant von Neumann subalgebras rigidity property., Journal of Functional Analysis, 2022,; (Joint with Yongle Jiang).
  2. Generalized Powers’ averaging for Commutative crossed products., Transactions of American Mathematical Society, Volume 375, (2022), pages-2237-2254,, preprint available at arXiv:2101.02853 ; (Joint with Dan Ursu).
  3. On Intermediate C*-subalgebras of C*-simple Group Actions with an appendix joint with Yongle Jiang, International Mathematics Research Notices, Volume 2021, Issue 21, November 2021, Pages 16191–16202,  preprint available at arXiv:1811.11381.
  4. On simplicity of intermediate C*-algebrasErgodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 40(12), 3181-3187. doi:10.1017/etds.2019.34 ; (Joint with Mehrdad Kalantar)
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